appliqued onesies!

So my little one was in need of some more short-sleeved onesies.  I found a set of five or six of them at Target and thought that was that.  But after I got them home I realized that some of them were just a little too plain.  So after browsing Pinterest for some ideas and digging into my fabric stash, I made some improvements:

There.  Much more personality.

I love this little dinosaur.  I just Googled free images of dinosaurs and found him.  I used a playful font for the "roar."  Unassuming, yet fierce.  Kind of like my little guy.

Next, some geometry nerd cuteness.  Sorry if you can't figure it out.  Didn't mean to be obtuse.  :o)

And finally, an ultra-casual look.  Because even little guys need a great pair of shades.

Of course we're having cooler weather today so he can't wear any of them yet.  I'm pretty sure that will change soon though!

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