Mommy Workouts: Monsters, Inc.

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Here's another workout you can squeeze in while your little one(s) watch Monsters, Inc.!  (Please note that this is the first movie, not Monsters University.)

Feel free to increase the reps or duration of any of these exercises.  Pay attention to elements that happen right after the other, or else happen for a sustained period (such as the scare floor montage where children are screaming a LOT!).  And as always, please remember that I'm not a fitness expert!

Monsters, Inc. Workout!

Opening credits:  Warm-up/stretch

Anytime a child screams: 10 crunches

Anytime you hear "Simulation Terminated" :  20 lunges (10 for each leg)

Anytime Boo says "Kitty!" or "Boo!" :  10 bicep curls with weights

Anytime someone says "Mike Wasowski!" :  10 tricep curls with weights

Anytime Randall disappears/reappears or blends in with his surroundings:  10 squats

Anytime someone says "Googlybear" :  10 jump-ropes

Anytime Roz mentions paperwork:  10-second plank

Anytime someone yells "2319!" :  10 burpees

Anytime you see Boo's door: Jog in place until it's not there anymore (i.e., it's taken back up to storage, the scene changes to another setting, or it goes through the shredder)

Lengthy scenes in Sully's apartment/factory locker room/Abominable snowman's cave:  Rehydrate and keep moving (jog in place, step side to side, jumping jacks, hamstring curls, whatever).  Or just take a break!

Closing credits:  Cool down/stretch


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