ivey league preschool: robots and clouds!

Here's some fun we've been having lately...totally inspired by a couple of library books!

Recently Caleb fell in love with a book called Robot Zombie Frankenstein by Annette Simon.  Very simple "plot" (a couple of robots try to outdo each other with "costumes"), but that's what makes it so funny.  He asked to read it again and again, and basically had it memorized pretty quickly.

The inside covers of the book have a bunch of shapes used to make the robots and their parts, so that inspired us to cut shapes out of construction paper to make our own robots:

Caleb actually did pretty well with his scissors...he used some of his shapes as well as some of the ones I cut out for him.  We added googly eyes to the robots when we were done.  Because googly eyes make almost anything better.

Caleb's robots...can you tell what his favorite color is??

My robots.  Caleb tends to work longer at a project if someone sits beside him and does their own.  Plus it's fun.  :o)

 We also made a really fun shoebox robot!  I covered a shoebox (complete with lid) with foil, and once it dried I let Caleb go crazy with pom-poms, stickers, googly-eyes, and pipe cleaners.  We realized that the pipe cleaners (a.k.a, robot arms, legs, and antenna) wouldn't stay on with regular white glue, so I used scotch tape instead.  Not the neatest solution ever, but it worked.

Another library book that Caleb really enjoyed was Little Cloud by Eric Carle.  He loved seeing the little cloud changing into all those different shapes.  I found several connect-the-dot activities inspired by the book on Pinterest, and Caleb enjoyed them so much.  They not only help with his pre-writing skills; they also help him remember alphabetical order and how to count past 10.  :o)

link to free printables!

I also cut out a cloud shape and let him glue cotton balls all over it to make a cloud.

And finally, one of the coolest things ever....puffy cloud paintings!  You mix 3 parts shaving cream and 1 part white glue and paint with it.  It takes awhile to dry, but when it does, it's actually soft and fluffy like a cloud!

Link to the source!

I made the bottom two paintings...I had to prompt Caleb to let the "paint" glob up to look like clouds or snowballs, and he had so much fun!  He kept touching our paintings when they were dry, saying they smelled like Daddy.  :o)

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