thanksgiving shirts!

In a few weeks, a friend of mine and I are sharing a booth at a local craft fair.  I wanted to have some Thanksgiving shirts ready to sell there, since some people would rather just purchase one right then and there rather than ordering it to pick up later. 

One tricky thing is finding long-sleeved onesies and shirts that are good quality yet not expensive.  I was so excited to find long-sleeved shirts at Walmart this past week!  They're Garanimals brand so they're inexpensive but don't look it.  They're really easy to work with too.  I'm going to make ready-to-sell Thanksgiving and Christmas shirts out of them to sell at the fair, then whatever isn't snatched up, I'll sell as-is on Etsy.  I'm hesitant to offer them as custom orders on Etsy, only because I can't guarantee how long Walmart will have these long-sleeved shirts, or how well they'll stock the different sizes and colors!

Here's a design for toddler girls I put together:

I'm going to have these in a few sizes at the fair.  I'm also going to come up with a design for boys, as well as Christmas designs for both genders.

But on the Etsy front, I was able to complete another Thanksgiving onesie that will definitely be available for custom orders:

How cute would this be on a newborn??  I'm also going to offer this on brown shirts as well.

Who else is loving fall right now?  :o)

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