when coupon commotion gets the best of me.

So this week Jo-Ann has a bunch of 50% off coupons available to use in the store.  I went there the other night to stock up on batting for burpcloths and a few other items.  While I was there I decided to browse the cotton duck/home decor section in the back, thinking if I saw something that jumped out at me I could buy it for half-price.

And something did.

How cute is this??  The first thing I thought of was "little girls' room," then the second thing I thought of was, "there's my new ironing board cover."  It has aqua and yellow in it (as well as a bunch of other bright, cheerful colors), so it definitely coordinates with my laundry room.  And maybe I won't avoid ironing so much if I have a really cute ironing board to use.

I've pinned a pretty straightforward tutorial, but I'm still a little nervous about starting.  The nice lady who cut my fabric for me asked what I was using it for, and I told her.  She was so nice about it, saying ironing board covers were so easy that she could practically sew them in her sleep.  So hopefully she's right.  Though usually just the neat way she folds up my freshly-cut fabric is enough to impress me.  :o)

I have about three Etsy orders in progress right now, but hopefully I can get to this project soon.  I figure I have to do it at some point, I've already blogged about it!  :o)


  1. I love that fabric, and it would make a cute ironing board cover. In fact, the colors would work perfectly in MY sewing room! I may have to go to Joanns, armed with my 50% off coupons of course!

    I know what you mean about sewing an iron board cover, it is something I have avoided too. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.


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