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So I'm still pretty tired most of the time; it's discouraging, but my husband reminded me last night that my body has been through a lot during the last six months, so maybe it's still just doing its best to recover!  Despite this, I've been able to tackle a few projects as my energy permits.  One of these is a really cute vintage-inspired tray.

I found this "beauty" at Goodwill last fall.  Gorgeous, right???

It's okay, you don't have to say it's gorgeous.  Total sarcasm over here.  But it was only a couple of bucks and I saw some potential, tacky decoupaged flowers and all.

A couple of months ago, I spray-painted it red, and then promptly lost interest.

Probably because I wasn't sure where to go from there.  Then pretty soon after I found some really cute cardstock on clearance at Jo-Ann and got inspired.  Unfortunately I was fresh out of Mod Podge.  So yeah, this thing sat in my hallway closet for awhile, and I came across it yesterday and thought, "Hey, I have Mod Podge now.  Let's finish this thing.  So I did!

I kind of like it.  It was awkward trying to Mod Podge that piece of cardstock down because the sides of the tray/frame/whatever it is are kind of high, so there are a couple of air bubbles.  But I think it just adds to the charm.

Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  It doesn't fit above my cabinets so I can't display it that way.  For now I might just prop it up on the kitchen counter.  One day I want to get a couple of small shelves for the kitchen wall for stuff like this and that way I can get some counter space back.  :o)

Unrelated note.  I've also been on a cleaning/organization kick.  My house was seriously neglected for over a month.  I did laundry and the dishes, that's about it.  And even then my husband had to help out a lot.  So the past week and a half has involved me undoing the damage, so to speak.  But it led to a pretty decent looking pantry.

As well as a pretty decent looking guest bathroom closet.

And yes, that's the best picture I could get of it.  If you've been in our guest bathroom you know how small it is.  I'm just glad I finally corralled all our first aid/medicine supplies, as well as our bathroom cleaning supplies.  And I used containers I already had.  Score.

And finally, a revamped fireplace mantel.  Since the frames don't match, I'm going to say it's "rustic eclectic" style.

Looks better in person.  This was actually inspired by me having to move a couple of the sharper-edged frames up to the mantel.  Yesterday my son was throwing himself all over our couch and ended up half-falling over the arm of the couch onto the end table.  Doing so caused him to cut his forehead on a picture frame.  Yikes.  I knew it was scary because my husband said "Wow, are you okay??"  Usually he just says "Aww, you're okay."  I was so relieved that it was just a surface cut (didn't even bleed), and that it missed his eye.  Thank You LORD!  This boy makes me so nervous but I know he must have a few angels standing by just for when he horses around and hurts himself!

So my next big project is our guest room.  It's basically where stuff we don't want or don't know what to do with goes to die.  During my last two pregnancies, I was actually excited about cleaning it out since the new baby would need the nursery and my son could move into our guest room.  I planned out his "big boy room" in my head and played around with different furniture layouts.  Of course when our babies didn't make it, I lost all motivation.  But I think I'm going to clean it out anyway.  Even if it remains our guest room/office for the next year even, I think it will do me a world of good to "prepare for rain," so to speak.  If anything it'll make me feel better to get rid of the clutter!

Wow, long post.  Thanks for reading!!  :o)

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