goodwill finds

Today I went to Goodwill and came across a major score.

How awesome is this vintage globe???  I've seen older globes used as home decor on Pinterest and magazines, and I really like the look.  Now I have one of my own for the low price of five bucks.  I can't find a date on it anywhere, but at least a couple of places on it give me a clue.

Yep, that's the USSR.

And yep, that's Burma.  So of course this globe isn't really educational (other than for history!), but I still think it's a cool find.  Not to mention it's in fantastic shape; no scratches or dents anywhere.  Right now it's sitting on top of my china cabinet in the dining room.

If we ever have a special room just for homeschooling, the globe might be cute to put in there too.  Again, pretty much just for decorative purposes.  :o)

I also finally knocked out a spray paint project I've been meaning to do.  One thing you can almost always find at thrift stores are brass candlesticks.  I found this pair for a few bucks awhile back.

And no, brass is not my thing.  But I liked the shape of these.  So I got a bottle of spray paint in "Ivy Leaf" and gave them a couple of coats.  I wanted a nice distressed look (not a glossy, plastic-y look), so I didn't bother using primer first.  Well, that, and I didn't even have primer at the house!  I gave them awhile to dry and here they are.

I looooooove them.  You can see little imperfections on them, where maybe the paint didn't get in a groove or maybe a slight stain on the brass showed through, but that's the way I like things.  I want to find more of these candlesticks in different heights and do different colors for every season!  For now these lovely green ones will do fine.  :o)

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