my 100th post!!!

It's been almost a year since I started this blog, and I'm writing my 100th post.  Kind of surreal.

This might be anti-climatic for such a momentous occasion, but I've been wanting to show this baby off for awhile now.

She (I don't know why furniture gets a feminine pronoun, but it works!) was a little rough when I first found her on Craigslist last month; covered in scratches and dog hair, and so wobbly that even dropping a set of keys on top made her shake.  I almost backed out of the sale, but the seller lived pretty much as far away as you can get from my house and still be in the same county, so I figured I'd go for it if only to justify the gas money I felt I had just wasted.

She cost just $15, and since my son's naptime was drawing near I didn't attempt to haggle but just threw this crazy thing in the back of my car.  Then she sat in my mudroom for a few weeks until my parents visited after Christmas.  It was then my dad said, "Hey, if you have any wood glue I bet I can fix that wobble."  Music to my ears.

So after some well-placed wood glue and some patience (all on my Dad's part) and a nice coat of Pledge (okay that part was me!!) she looks SO much better.  Almost to the point where those little scratches and imperfections are just great character (and really they're not as noticeable anymore now that they've been given a good polish).

One day I might touch up the paint on the legs a little, but for now she's just fine for our foyer.  We've had a mirror on the wall in there for awhile and it was just crying out for a table to put underneath.

Not sure what I'll put on that bottom shelf.  Maybe a small stack of books?  With a toddler in the house I'm not sure what would be a good idea.  :o)

Anyway, if you're reading this, thank you.  Looking forward to the next 100 posts!

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