goodwill trip

This morning I went to Goodwill just to look around, and scored some really neat old books.  I'm really excited about this one.

A Duncan Hines cookbook!  I like how it includes "the art of carving."  It's fun to see how different cookbooks used to be, with hardly any pictures and recipes like "Champs Elysees Potatoes, " "Aunt Delia's Piccallili," and "Old Fashioned Indian Pudding."  It even has a recipe for those jellied meat molds like in that movie Julie and Julia.  It has several copyrights listed in the front, and they range from 1939 to 1947, so either way this book is at least sixty years old.  Love it.  I think at some point I want to put some kind of shelf up in the kitchen to maybe display vintage stuff like this.

I also found some cute books for my son once he's older.

The "Straight Up" reader says that its copyright is 1944, and its illustrations are from 1967.  It has a bunch of stories about airplanes and helicopters, so it might be fun for Caleb to read when he's older.  The Curious George book is from 1963, and it's all about the alphabet.  These books don't look like they were read all that much by the previous owner since the pages are still in great condition and the covers aren't marked up.  Or else it was one careful kid taking care of them!  I know they belonged to someone because their name is stamped on the front page of both.  Either way I'm hoping I can teach my son to be as careful with his books as this person was!  :o)

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