"peas in a pod" necklace

Today I decided to make myself something.  After spending a lot of time making things for others and for our home, I figured it was about time to give myself some love!

I keep seeing these cute bird's nest necklaces everywhere, where you use beads to represent your kids.  I wanted to use just two beads to represent the two babies we've lost to miscarriage, so I got a couple of beads out of my stash and got to it.  As I was starting the necklace, I realized that the shape of the pendant was more oval-shaped than circle-shaped (probably due to using just two stacked beads), so I thought, hey, let's go with it.  So glad I did because I love it!  The "peas in a pod" idea works just as well as the bird's nest, I think.  It was ridiculously easy and all I had to buy was the wire.  This is a good project for using leftover beads, which I always end up with after finishing a piece of jewelry.

Might make a few more to give away as gifts...let me know if you want one!  :o)

Linked up to Creations by Kara and A Little Tipsy!

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