christmas crafts: repurposed door hangings

So I wanted something Christmasy to hang on our front door...so I took the simple wreath that was hanging there all fall, added a 50-cent bow from Michaels to it, and hung up a tree ornament inside of it.

Not too shabby.  You can't see it very well from the road, but I'm sure it looks cheerful to anyone who comes up to our door!  I might do something more elaborate if I come across something else, but this will do for now.

Most of the time we use the door off of our garage, so I wanted something there too.  Last year I made this Christmas card holder out of a picture frame, but now that my kid is walking around and can reach it with no problem I knew that it wouldn't work anymore (not to mention being in a box all year made that upholstery strip really wrinkled!).

So I cut the strip off and hung it on the door.

So I spent around $2.50 for one door, and nothing for the other door.  That works for me.

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