a tale of two shirts

A couple of months ago, I found this cute polo shirt at Goodwill that looked like it had barely been worn.

It was too big for my son at the time, but I knew it would fit him by the spring or the summer at the latest.  But it was much too boring.  So the other night I found this fabric remnant in my stash:

And turned "boring" into some preppy awesomeness:

Is there any kid out there who does not rock in argyle?  I doubt it.

I was on a roll with this applique thing, so I pulled a plain white t-shirt out of my kid's dresser.  The tag says it's 18 months, but the shirt looks a tad on the small side, so I figured the sooner he wore it the better.  I dug into my fabric scraps and also unearthed some cute stencils I forgot I had.  And soon the plain white tee became this:

{Hopefully those tires look like O's, or else my whole vision is just ruined!  Haha!}

And I apologize about the quality of these pictures.  It was late at night when they were finished, and my dark house just doesn't allow for stellar photography.

But now my kid has two new shirts to wear.  For dirt cheap.  LOVE IT.

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