spring wreath

Spring has officially sprung here in Georgia, and I've been wanting to try my hand at making a simple, inexpensive wreath for our front door.  Grapevine wreaths and silk flowers were 50% off at Hobby Lobby last week, so I took advantage.

I didn't want to fool around with florist's wire, so I pretty much hot-glued everything right to the wreath.  The pink flowers (not even sure what kind they're supposed to be!) were more stubborn since they had thick stems, so I actually tucked those into the wreath itself:

The sunflowers were a little easier to manage so hot glue was all I needed for those:

I added some cute monarch butterflies and this wreath was pretty much done.  I had bought some ribbon for it too (also 50% off!), but decided I didn't want it on there after all.  Our front door has a very tight seal on it to begin with; good for child safety, bad for those over-the-door wreath hangers.  So I put my trust in the biggest beast of a suction cup I've ever seen and hung my wreath up with that.

So what do you think?

I've never been a fan of pastels or Easter eggs on a wreath, but these colors really say "Hey, it's finally spring!" to me.  Now let's see if the "world's best" giant suction cup lives up to its name.  :o)

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