quick fix: button cover fridge magnets

So several months ago I came across a cute idea for little girl hair ties at Make It and Love It.  I thought this was a good gift idea for one of my nieces, who had a birthday coming up at the time.  So I went out and got the button cover kit (just a few bucks at Walmart or a craft store; plus if you have a coupon or they're having a sale it's even cheaper!) and made three little covered buttons:

Here's the problem, though.  I couldn't find any hair ties that would fit through the back of the button covers.  I found the skinniest ones available, and they wouldn't fit no matter how much I tried to squeeze them in there.  Maybe the author of the tutorial used a different brand of button covers, I don't know.  But I quickly gave up and these buttons got tossed into my sewing basket to collect some dust.  (In case you were wondering, I ended up making my niece a cute scarf using this tutorial instead...she loved it so I guess this craft fail was meant to be.)

Fast forward to today, when I realized that I could take these buttons and my lack of refrigerator magnets and turn this mess into one of those "when life gives you lemons" situations.  This is also literally a five minute project; less if you have your buttons already covered like I did!  All you need is a button cover kit, some fabric scraps, a glue gun, and some magnets.

Before you start, pick out your fabric scraps and use the directions on the back of the button cover kit to make the buttons.  Easy peasy.

Then, plug in your glue gun to get it nice and hot, and get your magnets out as well.

I already had this roll of magnets from Hobby Lobby, but you could also just cut up those free flat magnets you get from local businesses to give this project an even smaller price tag.

Next, see that hook on the back of the button cover?  The one that was too tiny and narrow to accommodate any kind of hair tie?  :o)  Use your thumb to fold it down as flat as you can.

You could probably also try using wire cutters to just cut it off altogether.  I just knew if I had small pieces of metal flying everywhere I'd have to vacuum the floor when I was done, and I was that lazy.  :o)

Next cut off two magnet pieces that can fit inside that border on the back of the button.  I decided to use two because my magnets were so flat to begin with, but one piece might have worked okay.  Also, if you buy thicker magnets (or the ones that are circular to begin with), you could skip this step.  It all depends on what you have on hand.

My magnets had a sticky back that you peel off to adhere, but I didn't trust that to stick to the button all by itself, so I used a dab of hot glue to stick those suckers on.

Not the neatest job, but guess what....it's the back and no one sees that part.  Only you will know.  :o)  Give the glue a few minutes to dry completely, and your magnets are ready to use!

Now you have something to hold up those appointment reminder cards, favorite photos, or your kids' artwork.  Mine doesn't do artwork yet, unless you count throwing food on the floor just to see what it will look like.  And you can't stick that to the fridge.  :o)

I really like how these turned out....so much that I'm sad I only have three, so I'll have to make some more soon.  Thanks for reading!

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